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0xApes is an 'Expansion Pack' for the Apeverse. A standalone Collection of 10,000 distinctive and collectable Apes that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. 10,000 - 19,999.

Holders of 0xApes are granted access to three exclusive display designs to bring their NFTs into the physical world.

0xApes +

Bored, but Okay. OBYC is a 7,777 piece collection that aspires to bring utility, creativity, benefits, and happiness to their community.

OBYC Holders can access exclusive templates and a special discount.


10,000 Faceless Coder Chicks saving the world through code & flowers! Each faceless coder chick is inspired by the fashions of Millenial & Gen Z women. 

Encryptas holders have access to exclusive design templates and are entitled to a special discount .

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Trippy Trunkz Ivory Club is a collection of 10,000 elephant cuties roaming the #BNB chain. Holders are entitled to a discount and are able to access exclusive design templates only for the Trippy Trunkz community.
Horror Ape Club (HAC) is a collection of 3333  horrifying apes that live on the Binance Smart Chain. HAC holders can bring their assets into the physical world with an exclusively designed display.
UniFriends is a digital arcade NFT utility project consisting of 3,333 unique 3D unicorns. Play 2D and 3D mini-games to earn UNIVRS tokens. UNIVRS tokens can be redeemed for either 4x6 or 5x7 displays. Check out their site for more details.
The Whaley Golf Club is an NFT project consisting of 101 handmade characters based on Whaley. Holders of Whaley NFTs have exclusive access to a discount on their Physical Displays.
Bring your STAXX INVADERS by artist Stackles into the physical world exclusively for project holders. Holding your STAXX entitles owners to a discount.
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